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MyArcadePlugin Pro for WordPress 5.33.0

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  1. huyamba10

    MyArcadePlugin Pro is an extreme powerful WordPress Arcade solution that will fit all your needs. Don’t waste your time searching for the right Arcade Script. Use WordPress with MyArcadePlugin and be happy! Create a 100% SEO arcade site that your visitors and search engines will love.

    Pick every game manually and decide what to publish but you are also able to let MyArcadePlugin do the whole work for you. Activate auto publishing and in seconds you will have a 100% automated WordPress Arcade. For better search engine rankings MyArcadePlugin will generate unique game descriptions, if you like!


    Take a look at the full list of features:

    Game Distributors
    Arcade Game Feed	
    FlashGameDistribution (FGD)	
    FreeGamesForYourWebsite (FOG)	
    HTML Games	
    GameFeed by TalkArcades	
    Individual Game Import
    Import Flash Games (SWF)	
    Import DCR Games	
    Import IBPArcade Games	
    Import PHPBB / ZIP-Games	
    Import Mochi ZIP Files	
    Import Embed Code Games	
    Import Iframe Code Games	
    Import Unity 3D Games	
    Detect Game Dimensions Automatically
    (SWF, IBPArcade, PHPBB)	
    Import games uploaded via FTP	
    Download Game Files From Internet	
    Download Game Thumbs From Internet	
    Download Game Screenshot From Internet
    User and Social Features
    Save GamerSafe Scores	
    Save IBPArcade Scores	
    User Leaderboards (Sitewide)	
    Save Highest Score Only	
    Real Game Play Counter	
    Force User To Register	
    Allow Users To Submit Games	
    BuddyPress Activity Stream Updates	
    CubePoints Integration
    Game Fetching Features
    One-Click Game Fetching	
    Offset Game Fetching	
    Automated Game Fetching (Cron)	
    Download Game Thumbnails	
    Download Game Files (SWF)	
    Download Game Screenshots
    Automated Game Translations
    Microsoft Translator API (36 Languages)	
    Google Translator API (64 Languages)	
    Yandex Translator API (25 Languages) 
    Game Management
    Edit Games Before Publishing	
    Play Games Before Publishing	
    Publish Single Game	
    Delete All Fetched Games	
    Delete Single Game	
    Remove Single Game from Database	
    Delete Downloaded Game Files
    General Features
    Session Management	
    Ajaxed Category-Mapping	
    Publish Games Immediately	
    Publish Games Time Shifted	
    Publish Games As Drafts	
    Easy Plugin Translation (gettext)	
    Single Category Publishing	
    Auto Insert Embed Codes Into Themes	
    Template Based Post Styling	
    Auto Update Feature	

    Premium Plugin Included	
    Create Alphabetical List	
    Create MiniClip Styled List

    Premium Plugin Included	
    Show User Scores	
    Score Widgets Included	
    FunGames Theme	
    Premium Theme Included

    FunGames Theme
    4 Color Schemes	
    5 Index Page Presentations	
    Change Header Without Code Editing	
    Change Body Background Without Code Editing	
    Add Body Background Image	
    Two Configurable Sliders	
    Several Custom Widgets	
    WP Menu Support	
    Favorite Post Plugin Support	
    Ultimate Facebook Support	
    SexyBookmarks Support	
    WP-FB-AutoConnect Support	
    Fullscreen Feature	
    Lights Off Feature	
    4 Footer Widgets	
    Flexible Sidebar Positions (left, right)	
    Compatible With BuddyPress	
    Compatible With Mingle	
    Works With All WordPress Themes
    WordPress 4.x Ready

    Arcade Pulse 1.0.15
    Arcade Pulse Extras
    Frizi Arcade 1.0.10
    Frizi Arcade Extras
    Wp Arcade Play
    Wtb Game
    179 All In One Seo Pack Pro
    Buddypress Activity Share Master
    Comments Plus
    E Newsletter
    Myarcade Subs Downoader
    Myarcadeplugin Mycred Bridge
    Myarcade Post Type
    Random Captcha
    Ultimate Facebook Premium Version
    Wordpress Chat
    Wordpress Chat Modified

    = v5.32.0 – 2017-12-16 =
    * New – 4J Feed Integration (HTML5, Flash, Unity3D, WebGL)
    * Tweak – Optimized distributors settings
    * Fix – GameDistribution fetching
    = v5.31.1 – 2017-11-09 =
    * Fix – Hourly game plays graph
    * Fix – Query error in counting game plays
    = v5.31.0 – 2017-11-03 =
    * New – Import of IBPArcade HTML5 games (tar files)
    * New – Save scores submitted by IBPArcade HTML5 games
    * Tweak – Improved duplicate games checking for IBPArcade Games
    * Tweak – Use plugins_url function instead of WP_PLUGIN_URL constant
    * Tweak – Improved stats tracking
    = v5.30.0 – 2017-09-08 =
    * New – GameDistribution feed integration (
    * New – Stats page with useful statistics:
    – Summary Plays: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Total
    – Top 10 Games of all time
    – Daily game plays chart for 30 days
    – Hourly game plays chart for last 24 hours
    – Latest game plays with play durations
    – Ratio pie chart: registered vs. unregistered users
    – Most active users
    – Unpopular games
    – Currently unplayed games
    * New – Track game plays and play durations for each game and user
    * New – Global game play counter
    * New – Count game plays for each game
    * Tweak – Moved all images and css files to assets folder
    * Tweak – Removed unused images
    * Tweak – FOG – Optimized fetching to avoid broken images
    * Tweak – FOG – Changed default thumbnail size to medium (180×135)
    * Tweak – Create required folders on access if they not exist
    * Tweak – Optimized import handler JS code to avoid conflicts if TinyMCE is disabled
    = v5.29.0 – 2017-06-08 =
    * New – Microsoft Translator API – Cognitive Services (60 Languages)
    * New – Upload game images with WP Media Uploader according to MyArcade permalink structure
    * Tweak – Added allowfullscreen parameter to iframe
    * Tweak – Improved fullscreen game displaying
    * Removed FlashGameDistribution – Service has been discontinued
    = v5.28.2 – 2017-03-22 =
    * Fix – Thumbnails marked as “Unattached” on the media library even if they are set as featured image
    = v5.28.1 – 2017-03-22 =
    * Fix – Images are not removed from media library on game delete
    * Fix – Post content thumbnail URL when using the %THUMB% placeholder
    * Tweak – Improved file deletion procedure
    * Tweak – Removed option to delete game files. Files will be automatically deleted on post delete
    = v5.28.0 – 2017-03-21 =
    * New – Softgames – Language selection
    * New – Save thumbnails only at a single location
    * New – Add game thumbnails automatically to WordPress media library
    * Tweak – Removed download thumbnails option. Thumbnails are now automatically added as featured image
    = v5.27.1 – 2017-03-11 =
    * New – Plinga – SSL suppport added
    * New – Softgames – SSL suppport added
    * New – Option to handle SSL for already published games (Enable on the options page)
    * Tweak – Game thumbnails will automatically be added as post featured images
    * Fix – Add game description and instructions automatically to the rich text editor on import
    * Removed GamerSafe – Service has been discontinued
    = v5.27.0 – 2017-02-09 =
    * New – Rich text editors for game description and instructions
    * New – Use SSL to embed games if SSL is enabled for distributors who supports it
    * New – WordPress 4.7 ready
    * Fix – 2PG Feed URL

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